“Stop Dumping On Us”, SSA on Youths & Students’ Matters Tells Buhari

The Senior Special Assistant on Youths and Students’ Matters to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Comrade Jude Gabriel Imagwe, has reacted to claims by President Muhammadu Buhari that Nigerian Youths are lazy.

In a statement made available to newsmen, the former NANS President said Nigerian Youths are not Lazy.

He said: “I don’t dance unless there is a good song, same way I don’t hitch my head until it hitches me. In the last 24hrs I have been wondering what went wrong and how we got to this stage. What wrong have our generation committed? Why are they always dumping on us?

“President Muhammadu Buhari before the world, called the future and pride of his country, lazy and uneducated, before other world leaders. He called Nigerians generation next lazy and uneducated, before his own children he called the nucleus of project Nigeria lazy and uneducated .

“I am grateful to God that between 2009 to 2015 I have served at different level of responsibility from President of NANS, to Deputy Secretary General West Africa PYU and Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth & Students matters. In all these period I worked closely with one of the most treasured assets in the world “The Students and Youth” not for one day did I see laziness and lack of education in them. I always saw the zeal and quest to make things happen, the desire to be engaged and earn for their works, I always see an army of young Nigerians willing to go a million mile with our government to build a better Nigeria”.

The former NANS President and Youth leader, thereafter, urged President Buhari to tender an “unreserved apology” over his statement, adding that Youths’ respect for the elders and leaders should not be misinterpreted for laziness.

“Mr President, Nigerian Youths deserve an unreserved apology from you. Our respect for elders and leaders should not be misrepresented for laziness, our quietness and quest for a brighter Nigeria should not be interpreted as being uneducated. We got schooled to respect and tolerate, we got raised up to be patient and work hard; all these you have broken today with your statements and we demand an unreserved apology and a public reversal of such statement credited to NIGERIAN Youths.

“We are now waiting to show you how educated we are at the polls, we demand an apology to your statement”, the statement reads.