Chukwuyem Eric Declared Wanted

A fire brand youth leader and P.R.O, Abavo Youths Union, Mr. Chukwuyem Eric has been declared wanted by the police for allegedly stirring up public unrest and revolting against constituted authority in Abavo kingdom, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

In a statement released by the Divisional Police Public Relations Officer of the Abavo Divisional Headquarters, Assistant Superintendent Marvelous Okeke on Thursday stated that Mr. Chukwuyem spearheaded a series of protests and violent riots against the Abavo Monarch H.R.M Uche Irenuma II which resulted in the destruction and loss of properties worth millions of naira.

It was also alleged that Mr. Chukwuyem was actively involved and coordinated the agitations for seccesion by the group known as the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) in Delta and some other Eastern states of the country, which led to violent clashes with armed security personnel, leaving death and chaos in their wake.

In the words of the Police Public Relations Officer, “we are all out and leaving no stone unturned to ensure that Chukwuyem Eric and other of his collaborators are apprehended and made to face the full wrath of the law.”

He enjoined the general public to come forward with any useful information/tip-off that may lead to the arrest of Chukwuyem and his cohorts.

He finally charged the youths of Abavo and all other aggrieved party to shun violence and be law abiding in order to forestall future clashes and uprisings in the community.

In a bid to balance the report, one of the youths of Abavo, who pleaded anonymity was interviewed by one of our reporters and he gave a rather contrary version of the entire saga.

He stated that the issue started in 2014 when the youths and people of Abavo Kingdom rose against the Abavo Monarch HRM Uche Irenuma II mandating him to abdicate the throne due to his renowned cruelty and illegitimate rise to the ancient throne of Abavo Kingdom.

“As an outspoken youth leader, Chukwuyem Eric was at the forefront of the struggle to force the monarch to relinquish power due to his draconian tendencies and majorly for the fact that he ascended the throne illegitimately.

A lot of people lost their lives with their properties destroyed as the estranged monarch left nothing to chance in ensuring that the clung on to power.

However, at that time, the 2015 general elections was close at hand, and as such, politicians and prominent sons and daughters of Abavo tried to broker peace between us and the Obi (Monarch) in order for us (Abavo) to work in one accord to deliver the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP and present governor of Delta State, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa. We sheathed our swords and worked assiduously to deliver Dr. Okowa and were promised to be rewarded handsomely for our role upon his emergence to power.

But upon assumption of office, nothing was done to empower the youths of Abavo. Some of us as a result of this, were willing tools to be used by the IPOB agitators which was masterminded by politicians and interest groups. Many of us lost our lives as the military were very ruthless in quashing our secessionist agitation.

“As a result of this, Chukwuyem Eric our P.R.O rose up and demanded that these politicians give to us all that was promised, else he would go public with their involvement in the entire crisis. They fought back and used the state apparatus to trump up false allegations on him, sent hired assassin (thugs) after him and consequently an arrest warrant was issued on him for disruption of public peace, electoral rigging and secessionist agitations,” he said.

It was also gathered that a man hunt was put upon Mr. Chukwuyem, as a result of which he fled Abavo Kingdom in December 2015 and has since not been seen or heard from.