OMG! See What Wyclef & Abacha’s Daughter Was Caught Doing. (Photos) 

Daughter to late Alhaji Sani Abacha was seen tweeting about their affection for each other on Instagram.  

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Gobe: Woman Recognises Her Former Abductor In A Bank And This Happened. (Photo) 

Woman recognises her former abductor in a bank, describes scar near his penis.

Sum of 98 million naira found in abductors bank account. 

There was a lot more than banking yesterday, Tuesday, February 6, 2017 at a Skye bank branch in Port Harcourt when a woman (name withheld) who was standing on the queue patiently, suddenly began to scream at another bank customer that he was a kidnapper.

According to an eyewitness who is also a staff in the bank where the incident occurred, the woman grabbed the accused man on his collar and began to weep profusely as other customers and bank security tried to pull her away from him.

It was also gathered that in tears, the woman revealed that she was kidnapped about a year ago and the accused bank customer was one of her abductors.

Speaking further, she disclosed that the accused was particular to her because he sexually abused her 4-6 times a day while she was on abduction. 

It was gathered that the accused man denied the allegations and claimed that he had never met the woman before. He claimed he was just a tailor that had come to make a withdrawal.

The woman stood by her story and said she could never forget him, she even told onlookers and bank security that if they take off the man’s trouser, they would find a scar on his upper thigh. Police officers arrived at the bank shortly and undressed the man in a closed office and indeed there was a scar.

It was gathered that the police officers obtained a warrant immediately to check the accused man’s account details and a large sum of 98 million naira was found in his account.

Officers of the Police Force detained the man and took him to Anti-Kidnap unit for further questioning.

We at Green Gist do hope that they will not collect a chunk of the N98m and release the man on bail.

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Suspected murder, Monday goes into hiding, declared wanted

Morning and wailing clouded the atmosphere on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 in Owa-Alero, Ika North East L.GA of Delta State following the murder of Mr. Alli Obi by one Mr. Monday Johnny after the latter having sexual affair with his wife, Mrs. Evelyn Monday.

Ika Weekly reporters gathered that Monday, a bar owner in Aliegwe Quarters of Owa-Alero had gone to a Supermarket in a nearby town to purchase some drinks for sale; as it was his daily routine, when he came back to find his wife engaging in sexual intercourse with Mr. Obi in their matrimonial home.

Our reporters also gathered that Evelyn had brought her lover home not suspecting that her husband would return home early as he usually left the house early in the morning to return late at night due to the demand of his business but ran out of luck when her husband returned home unexpected to take something he was said to have forgotten when he caught them in the act.

Mr. Monday upon beholding the eyesore raised an alarm and immediately hit Mr. Obi with a hard object. Mr. Obi was certified dead few hours later after he was rushed to the hospital. Mr. Monday upon realizing the penalty of his action took to his heels to an unknown destination and nothing has been heard about him since then.

Some persons who were at the scene who pleaded anonymity condemned the immoral act of Mrs. Evelyn Monday and Mr. Alli Obi, saying it was an abomination to the land. However, they added that the action of Mr. Monday Johnny in killing Mr. Obi was not the best. They stated that he has gone into hiding after realizing the penalty of his offence.

In a chat with our reporter, a close relative of Monday who gave his name as Mr. Chidi Nkemdilim disclosed that he had vague information of Evelyn’s sexual conduct but had regarded it as a mere rumour until she was exposed. He condemned the action of Monday killing his wife’s lover saying that he over reacted as a result of anger.

Speaking further, he stated he was not certain of Monday surviving the penalty of his action averring that if the deceased family does not come after him to avenge their son’s death, Monday will definitely not survive the wrath of the law according to the Nigerian Constitution on murder case which is death.

Also, deceased’s father, in tears, Mr. Matthew Obi, condemned his son’s act of indulging in adultery with Mr. Monday’s wife but averred that Mr. Monday’s action was at the extreme, saying that there were other provisions by civil and traditional laws to address such issue other than taking the life of his son.

According to him, “He didn’t report to appropriate authorities or take legal actions about the issue but took the laws into his hands to take my son’s life. If he likes let him go hiding, anytime he is found, he must face the consequences of his action and I will go any length to make sure my son’s death is avenged.”

Monday according to a statement issued by the District Police Officer, Owa Police Divisional Headquarters, ASP Marcauley Ajudue, has been declared wanted for alleged murder saying that he took laws into his hand to have taken his fellow man’s life no matter height of the grievance and must therefore, face the penalty of his action.

As at the time of filing this report, the body of the deceased has been deposited in the mortuary while attempts to speak with the alleged murderer’s wife proved abortive as she has been reported to have left her matrimonial home to her father’s house.

Harrison Ifeanyi On The Run As Cultists Threatens His Life, Murders Brother

A young man of 23 years whose name was given as Harrison Ifeanyi, from Agbor in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State has been declared missing while his brother, Chisom Ifeanyi has been murdered by an unknown cult group which was said on several occasions tried to initiate the duo into their cult.

Our reporters gathered that Harrison’s sudden disappearance was prompted by a continuous pressure of the cult group to initiate him and his brother, Chisom Ifeanyi into the group which according to report, they had refused on several occasions.

Further investigation showed that the fateful day of July 14, 2016 that saw the end of Chisom and led Harrison into hiding, the two had been to a restaurant on the evening of that day to get some food when they got hijacked by some group of unidentified cult boys who then engaged them in a chat for a while before they were taken away to an unknown destination.

On the next morning, the corpse of Chisom was said to have been found in a bush part along a farm road, while the where about of Harrison is yet to be ascertained as effort to reach him was to no avail.

Speaking, the District Police Officer (DPO) in Agbor Police Headquarters, ASP Akintunde Philip, said investigation is still ongoing by the Nigerian Police to bring the cult group murderers of Chisom to book, saying that they will leave no stone unturned to make sure that Harrison Ifeanyi is found and brought home to his parents and siblings.

ASP Philip however stated that they have combed the nook and cranny of Agbor to know the where about of Harrison but that their effort has always been futile as no information about him is yet to be ascertained.

Speaking with the owner of the restaurant where the two brothers was last seen, Mrs. Philomina Odimegwu said, the two brothers have been his good customers and that she liked them because they are very calm and gentle, saying that on the evening of the said date, the two brothers had come to buy food, they were still eating when they were called by some suspicious group of boys.

“They left their food half eaten and answered them and they started interacting. All of a sudden, they left the auditorium and were never back again until the next morning, when heard that Chisom was dead and that Harrison is yet to be found.

“I am calling on the Nigerian Police and the Anit-Cult group to do a thorough search about the killers of Chisom and make sure they are brought to book.”

Speaking further, she alarmed the constant turbulence being caused by different cult groups in the area saying that, the area for a long time has not known peace for the fear of the cult boys.

As at the time of filing this report, the corpse of Chisom has been deposited in the mortuary.

Happy Pele flees home after death of parents

The upsurge of cult activities in the recent times which has adversely beset the people of Boji-Boji Owa metropolis has not only forced some residents to exit the community but has also led to the death and casualty of some of the victims.

The upsurge, according to report, is due to rival cult groups clash especially between the Association of Sea Lords, popularly known as Eiye and Neo Black Movement, popularly known as Aye Axe Men to dominate the area by claiming more membership to their group.

The recent clash which occurred On Friday, April 21, 2016 however, led to the death of Mr. & Mrs. Pele Chibuoguw, indigenes of Idumuesah in Ika North East LGA of Delta State whose son Happy Pele, both cult groups have fought over to woo to their groups.

It was gathered that the two confraternities were at dagger point to woo Happy Pele against his wish into their confraternity and had persistently continued amidst promises of protection from intimation, limitless access to money and all his desires at his beck and call. After several persuasions and persistent refusal, the two cults engaged themselves in a bloody fight thinking he had given his consent of membership to one of the cult groups.

The two cult groups however, clashed when the Eiye Confraternity had visited the residence of Happy for reasons we could not ascertain but met his absence, hence, they proceeded to kill the parents of Happy, and destroyed part of their house after a severe battle which even led to the death of seven members also.

Our reporters also gathered that ever since the clash between the cult groups, Happy has therefore run for dear life. It was also discovered, according to a source, that Happy was even absent at the funeral of his parents for fear of being killed.

In a chat with some close relative of Happy, he was described as a gentle and hardworking boy who cannot hurt a fly, saying that the menace of cultism in the area has remained a thorn in their flesh as the Police and Anti-Cult groups in the area have not helped matters in putting an end to the menace of the cultists.

They emphasized that the community is no longer safe for innocent people as most of the young boys, for fear of being killed, have joined the cultists, while others who refused joining them are seen as cowards and are continuously harassed and tortured.

Most of the youths, for fear of being killed for their refusal to join them, have therefore, fled their fatherland, stating that the issue of Happy was not the first of its kind being witnessed in the area.

According to the District Police Officer of Owa Police Divisional Headquarters, ASP Marcauley Ajudue, he stated that the upsurge of the Cult groups has remained a thorn in their flesh, saying that the activities of the groups have made the residents unable to sleep with their two eyes closed. He, however, promised that solace would be restored to the area soon but advised the residents to tread with caution in order not to fall victims.

In his words, “We are on the issue and we are promising our people that peace will be restored soon. We advise them to stay calm and avoid crossing path with these groups.”

During further enquiry about the deceased couple, the Police officer said, “We are deeply sorry for the painful death of both. We pray the deceased family to accept our condolence and we are promising them that very soon, the murderers will be brought to book. As for their son Pele, we are uncertain about his whereabout. He was the prime target of the cult groups before his parents fell victim and so, he has run for his life because his life is no more safe here.”

It is however, obvious that the life of Happy is not safe and he is likely to be killed if found as the Nigerian Police are yet to curtail the menace of the cult groups.

Patrick Onyebuchi, Kelvin Offa declared missing, escapes sacrifice over homosexualism

Patrick Onyebuchi, Kelvin Offa declared missing, escapes sacrifice over homosexualismDespite the level of contempt and the heartrending punishment apportioned to the bizarre practice of homosexualism, the practice has continuously increased in the recent times as more persons are day after day, being apprehended over the act.

Recently, some homosexuals who were identified as Patrick Onyebuchi and Kelvin Offa, residents of No. 11, Isede Street, Ika South LGA of Delta State have been declared wanted after being caught in the act and escaped from where they were kept for sacrifice to cleanse their abomination.

Onyebuchi and his gay partner, Kelvin Offa according to report, were seen by neighbours on Thursday, January 7, 2016 engaging in the act. The neighbours reported the eyesore to the Landlord who then mobilized residents to force open the door in order to apprehend them after which, they were taken to Agbor Royal Palace for punishment which according to the law of the land, states that both must be sacrificed to cleanse the land of their abomination.

According to the Nigerian law, “Persons who enter into a same-sex marriage contract or civil union commit an offence and are each liable on conviction to a term of 14 years in Prison.”

It also states that, “any person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organizations or directly or indirectly makes public show of same-sex amorous relationship in Nigeria commits an offence and shall each be liable on conviction to a term of 10 years in prison.”

Also in most communities where homosexualism is seen as an abomination and highly detested, most victims upon discovery are often mobbed or stoned to death before trial while some are often offered as sacrifice to cleanse the land of such abomination.

This was the case of Onyebuchi and Kelvin who were to be sacrificed but narrowly escaped.

According to a source person who witnessed their confession at the Palace, it was gathered that Onyebuchi confessed not to be gay until his girlfriend cheated him and slept with his cousin, an issue which instigated a serious rivalry between both families before he met his old friend, Kelvin in 2015 whom he said had return from Lagos where he has been living over the years who made him discover his gay instinct.

Continuing, Onyebuchi stated he offered accommodation to Kelvin after he had pleaded to stay with him without knowing what his intentions were.

He confessed that after living together for a while, while sleeping at night, Kelvin would be romancing him and touching his sexual organ which he had warned him on several occasions to stop but Kelvin would not listen, until a day came after he was drunk in a party, Kelvin asked him if he wanted sex, he obliged after a hot romance saying that since then, they turned gays and had continued the practice until they were caught.

When asked about their relationship with each other, they said it was good and that they found happiness being around each other saying that they found satisfaction and loved their intimacy.

It was gathered that the duo however, broke away from the watch of the security guard placed over them who slept off at night, and the effort made to stop them proved abortive as they had already transcended the reach of the security guard before their escape was noticed.

Efforts now are being made to apprehend them and unknot their hideout as the Vigilantee group has combined force with the Nigerian Police in the area to apprehend them.

Rancour As Police Allegedly Arrests Homosexuals

There was rancor in town on the 22nd, November, 2015, as alleged homsexuals were arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force in Delta State.

Confirming the arrest, the Delta state Police Command confirmed that 21 students from the State owned Ogwashi-Uku Polytechnic were arrested for allegedly indulging in same sex activities.

The police spokesperson, Mrs. Celestina kalu said Police Detectives in Asaba area of the state, were tipped by some vigilant and observant neighbors of some of the culprits.

According to her “we had it on good authority that the male students allegedly engaged in anal sex. The suspects, upon interrogation made useful statements to the police that they were introduced into the act by Success Nzemeke, John Okafor, and Charles Obi, and Kesta Odia.
While investigations are still ongoing, the bearers of the said names are on the run”, she said.

In the same vein, the Police has announced to the public that anyone with useful information on the whereabout of the aforementioned names and photographs should contact the Delta State Police Command.