“Stop Dumping On Us”, SSA on Youths & Students’ Matters Tells Buhari

The Senior Special Assistant on Youths and Students’ Matters to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Comrade Jude Gabriel Imagwe, has reacted to claims by President Muhammadu Buhari that Nigerian Youths are lazy.

In a statement made available to newsmen, the former NANS President said Nigerian Youths are not Lazy.

He said: “I don’t dance unless there is a good song, same way I don’t hitch my head until it hitches me. In the last 24hrs I have been wondering what went wrong and how we got to this stage. What wrong have our generation committed? Why are they always dumping on us?

“President Muhammadu Buhari before the world, called the future and pride of his country, lazy and uneducated, before other world leaders. He called Nigerians generation next lazy and uneducated, before his own children he called the nucleus of project Nigeria lazy and uneducated .

“I am grateful to God that between 2009 to 2015 I have served at different level of responsibility from President of NANS, to Deputy Secretary General West Africa PYU and Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth & Students matters. In all these period I worked closely with one of the most treasured assets in the world “The Students and Youth” not for one day did I see laziness and lack of education in them. I always saw the zeal and quest to make things happen, the desire to be engaged and earn for their works, I always see an army of young Nigerians willing to go a million mile with our government to build a better Nigeria”.

The former NANS President and Youth leader, thereafter, urged President Buhari to tender an “unreserved apology” over his statement, adding that Youths’ respect for the elders and leaders should not be misinterpreted for laziness.

“Mr President, Nigerian Youths deserve an unreserved apology from you. Our respect for elders and leaders should not be misrepresented for laziness, our quietness and quest for a brighter Nigeria should not be interpreted as being uneducated. We got schooled to respect and tolerate, we got raised up to be patient and work hard; all these you have broken today with your statements and we demand an unreserved apology and a public reversal of such statement credited to NIGERIAN Youths.

“We are now waiting to show you how educated we are at the polls, we demand an apology to your statement”, the statement reads.

“Gov Amosun Is A Failure” – Ogun State Student Leaders Conclude


Thursday 5th of April was a good day for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun state as the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN STUDENTS (NANS) Ogun state chapter, SENATORS (SUG PRESIDENTS) of all the institutions in Ogun state, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF POLYTECHNIC STUDENT (NAPS), NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY STUDENT (NAUS), NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF OGUN STATE STUDENTS (NAOSS), NANS STAKEHOLDERS CADRE endorsed HON. LADI ADEBUTU, one of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant as the ‘Messiah’ God sent to them to rescue Ogun state from Senator Ibikunle Amosun, the Executive Governor of Ogun State satanic acts towards the good people of Ogun state, through commercialization of Education, non payment of subvention to the state owned tertiary institutions and lack of employment initiative scheme for school leavers.

The NANS OGUN JCC Led by Com. Balogun Zikrulahi popularly known as Aluta Movement arrived Hon. ladipupo Adebutu home at Iperu 5 – 4 – 2019 by 9.00pm

The chairman described Governor Amosun of Ogun state as the wasted governor, worst of its kind Ogun state has ever had.

He said they are ready to stand with Hon. Ladi Adebutu emergence as the next Governor of Ogun state. He assured him that all 3. 5million Nigerian students in Ogun state will vote massively for him. He said the governorship aspirant should try to empower youth and student when he emerges as the next governor of Ogun state.

The NAPS PRO Com. Ijaduoye Olasunkanmi aka Ola Ike assured him that all the polytechnics in Ogun state will vote Peoples Democratic party come 2019 because “APC has failed woefully in their score card”, of all their electoral campaigns, the NAPS PRO also accused Governor Ibikunle Amosun of certificate forgery and challenged him to an open debate because he has evidence that the Governor’s certificate is questionable.

The NAUS SENATE President, Com. Falola Olasunkanmi aka Stainlessy also challenged all students bodies present at the gathering not to boast on nothing, he asked them to issue press release on fundamental issues affecting life of all students directly, he recalled his days too as NANS Chairman Ogun in 2013/15 and how Governor Ibikunle boys wanted to kill him to silence students advocacy for good governance. He appreciated Hon. Ladi Adebutu for being a lover of youths

NAOS National President, Com. Adejobi Peter also assured Hon. Ladi Adebutu that all Ogun student indigenes will vote for him that Governor AMOSUN has disappointed them in area of scholarship and bursary.

Former FUNAAB SUG President, NANS ZONE D SEC GEN, Comrade Denis cried out for help, he said he is under serious threat from one OLUSEGUN CLEMENT, the SA to Governor AMOSUN on students affairs, because he attended the meeting.

Honourable LADI ADEBUTU appreciated their support and promised to deliver his best come 2019.

All the 14th Senators also endorsed Ladi Adebutu for Ogun state governor come 2019 .

Com. Bankole sodiq FCE Abeokuta incumbent president

Com. Olatunji abiodun dsapoly itori Toronto senator

Com. Amuwa mayowa OGITECH igbesa ( Alumni student)

Com. Ngozi adebawo blessing2 oscoh tech ilese ( Toronto senator)

Com. Popoola Ayobami funaab ( incumbent president.)

Com. Bamidele Emmanuel TASUED ( incumbent president)

Com. Alaga gateway sapade ( Toronto senator)

Sug president FPI ILARO

Com ojugba samson OGSCC IJEJA ( incumbent president.)

Com. Durodoka folorunsha Mapoly ( Toronto senetor)

Com. Thomas oluwatobi NOUN Abeokuta Branch ( Toronto senator)

AAP was represented by Com Ibrahim the sug President

Hon. Ladi Adebutu thanked all the student leaders for taking their time to meet him “especially at this peculiar time of the night”, he said thoroughly the good people of Ogun state is suffering and he said he is ready to take the people to the promise land where education, infrastructural, creation of jobs to youth/students , empowering youth for national development and lot more shall be paramount.

He said the governor of Ogun state and All Progeessive Congress (APC) has failed Ogun state and Nigeria at large.

He encouraged them to be law abiding citizens.

The NANS CHAIRMAN COM. BALOGUN aka Aluta movement appreciated him and promised to answer his call anytime he need Nigerian students.

He said Nigerian students are strongly behind his aspiration.

He said, ” Your Excellency permit me to say on behave of Nigerian students in Ogun state, that you are the governor come 2019 by God grace”.

The meeting ended 10.54p.m as departure followed immediately.

IVESTIGATION: How Oil Industry Expatriates Stole A Business Empire From Its Owner


Expatriates who were brought on board, in 2002, to manage the fast growing West African Ventures (WAV), a Nigerian company providing offshore engineering services, have conspired to hijack the business from its owner, investigation uncovered.

Jacques Roomans, founder of WAV had hired Fraser Moore, Stephen Assiter, Graham Pennycook and other expatriates to oversee WAV/STG businesses in Nigeria and West Africa.

The business was largely managed by Fraser who served as the chief operating officer/managing director for many years. And in March 2013, the expats led by Fraser, instigated Jacques to take a bond for $575million ostensibly for the growth of his business.

The interest on the $575million bond was 9% per annum and was paid without default from March, 2013 to October, 2016, with $120 million earlier paid by Jacques to reduce the face value of the bond to $456 million— and the business continued to run.

In February 2016, however, following a lull in the business, Jacques thought of consolidating the STG and WAV businesses. But unknown to Jacques, Fraser in concert with the other expatriates wanted, by all means, to take over the company from Jacques.

Following the refusal of Jacques to accede to Fraser’s request to appoint him as the chief executive officer, he left the company. He, however, was behind the scene, pushing the other expatriates to encourage Jacques to transfer his shares in STG to Anglo Saxon Trust (AST), a trust company.
One of the expatriates, Peter de Ruiter, then organized the transfer of the STG shares to AST, a company that is incorporated in Jersey.

Immediately the expats succeeded in transferring the shares to AST, they all resigned from the board and the company.
Upon the exit of these expats, Jacques, who still wanted to see his business continue, constituted a new management team to run the affairs of STG and WAV. Graeme Pennycook and Per Schøyen were appointed to head the new management.

Again, Fraser led other expats who had left, to start instigating the bond holders and the appointed trustees (AST) to put pressure on Jacques, despite the fact that the company was, regularly, paying its interest and there were no issues.
Bowing to the pressures, Jacques, with Graeme Pennycook and Per SchoyenSchøyen, agreed to meet the bond holders in London in July 2016. At the meeting, it was decided that the bond holders would nominate a representative to the board. It was a shock, when Peter de Ruiter who was one of the expats who left in May 2016, emerged as the acting advisor to AST- a glaring conflict of interest having earlier introduced Jacques to the trustees.

In discussions for bond holder nominations, Fraser was presented as a nominee and Jacques declined. He then travelled and left the discussions for Graeme Pennycook to proceed on his behalf.

In October 2016, Pennycook without authorization from Jacques, stopped the payment of the interest on the bond, which gave rise to a possible event of default on the bond. Pennycook, without any authorization from Jacques took this decision and then stated that Jacques had “agreed” to a change in the Board, which will include the removal of himself and his wife.

Eventually on December 1, 2016, AST who were trustees of Jacques and supposed to protect his interest, removed him from the board without authorization or confirmation from him but rather from Pennycook.

All these were done in the name of the bond introduced by Fraser and the other expats, a clear grand conspiracy.
Fraser Moore and Stephen Assiter would eventually emerge as C.O.O and C.F.O of the hijacked STG. Similarly, Graeme Pennycook and Per Schøyen the MD and deputy MD who oversaw the fraudulent removal of Jacques from his company, were immediately recruited as “consultants.”

Fraser used this opportunity to take over the funds in the offshore bank accounts with substantial balances collected out of WAV’s operations in Nigeria.

The conspirators did not stop there. On April 1, 2017, they employed the services of one Ikioda, a retired admiral who tried to forcefully take one of WAV’s vessels, Jascon 55 out of Nigeria. The Nigerian Navy, however, had promptly intervened and the attempted theft was.

Another scandalous development was that STG was working through one Iyke Ejizu.
In a Guradian newspaper publication of April 4, 2016, Iyke had already been disclaimed by WAV and STG, this was when Jacques was in full control of both companies. This development revealed that Fraser and Iyke may be working closely to steal the company.

Having failed to remove Jascon 55, the pair of Iyke and Ikioda then embarked on a more violent effort to forcefully take out WAV vessel Jascon 30 on April 12, 2017. This time around, it got so violent that the Nigerian crew of WAV/STG were all locked up and their phones taken from them. Again, for the intervention of the Nigerian Navy, the stealing of Jascon 30 was frustrated.

Arie Smits, another key conspirator, was employed by WAV in December 2015 as general manger. As part of the contract, he agreed to obligations of confidentiality and further signed specific confidentiality agreement. But when Jacques discovered that Smits was working closely with Pennycook against the interest of WAV, his appointementappointment was terminated on January 26, 2017.

Smits acknowledged theterminationthe termination and handed over some things, but he did not hand over documents that listed all he was handling at the time. It later emerged that prior to Smits leaving, he collected details of all on-going WAV contracts. He also, reportedly, wiped the memory of his laptop and encrypted some information.

Immediately Smits was disengaged from WAV, he was employed by the other conspirators and they started to seek information from his former subordinates in WAV, as well as WAV’s customers including the international oil companies (IOCs).

Smits subsequently came into Nigeria, claiming to be representing STG. But, STG has never operated in Nigeria, because there is a subsisting non-competition and non-circumvention agreement which stops STG from conducting any sort of business in Nigeria or West Africa. In fact, while Jacques was fully in control of both STG and WAV, all contracts in Nigeria were undertaken by WAV only.

Arie Smits, it was gathered, had come into Nigeria using the information he obtained while he was in the employ of WAV.

Upon Jacques’ realization of the untoward role of his supposed trustees, AST, he took steps to replace the trustees and regain control of his company. The new STG board headed by Tom Ehret immediately initiated the process of placing STG in liquidation, to extinguish any chances of Jacques taking back control of his company.

Already this group led by Fraser, Tom Ehret and Iyke Ejizu, their Nigerian front, after the orchestrated removal of Jacques, have set up Telford Offshore, and have purportedly moved the four most valuable ships in Jacques business, namely Jascon 25, Jascon 28, Jascon 31 and Jascon 34 which Fraser has brazenly renamed Telford 25, 28, 31 and 34.

This sinister move shows the desperation of Fraser Moore whom, with his group, already had plans to hijack the assets which include vessels as well as the company of Jacques. Fraser and highis group had perfected their act using the bond issue which they instigated, and the phony advise to Jacques to move is shareholding to a Trust which they surreptitiously took over and the orchestrated liquidation of STG, using their network in British Virgin Islands as legal cover for their unethical move.

In a suit filed by WAV against the liquidators on June 20, 2017, WAV had applied for an order of interim injunction restraining the liquidators from taking any steps or undertaking any business.

The case, with suit number FHC/L/CS/968/2017, was presided over by Chuka Austine Obiozor, a justice of the federal high court in Lagos. And after the consideration of the application, the court ordered that the parties maintain status quo pending further order.

Similarly, in another case, with suit number FHC/L/CS/1114/2017, filed on July 17, 2017, Obiozor, again, ordered the parties to maintain status quo pending further order on the matter.
WAV believes that maintaining status quo means the company would continue to operate the OOIM vessels fleet in Nigeria without any interference. STG and its affiliates and all third parties can only bid for, offer or engage in the provision of the DP3 vessels in Nigeria and West Africa through WAV or with WAV’s expresss and written consent.

Also, construction and accommodation vessels, Jascons 25, 28, 31 and 34, following the court orders, are to be controlled by WAV, but these vessels, Fraser had already taken and renamed for Telford Offshore, this in clear violation of the court orders.
Jacques, who came to Nigeria in 1968, started with Roomans Insurance Brokers, an insurance business and subsequently floated his marine charter business in 1977, when he incorporated Sea Trucks Nigeria Limited. He grew his company, incorporating other companies in the business of offshore engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and vessel charter services. In 1995, he established WAV as the umbrella for all his Nigerian businesses.

In 2002, Jacques incorporated Sea Trucks Group Limited (STG) as the umbrella for his international companies, and while WAV is responsible for the businesses in Nigeria and West Africa, STG is responsible for the rest of the world.

Chukwuyem Eric Declared Wanted

A fire brand youth leader and P.R.O, Abavo Youths Union, Mr. Chukwuyem Eric has been declared wanted by the police for allegedly stirring up public unrest and revolting against constituted authority in Abavo kingdom, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

In a statement released by the Divisional Police Public Relations Officer of the Abavo Divisional Headquarters, Assistant Superintendent Marvelous Okeke on Thursday stated that Mr. Chukwuyem spearheaded a series of protests and violent riots against the Abavo Monarch H.R.M Uche Irenuma II which resulted in the destruction and loss of properties worth millions of naira.

It was also alleged that Mr. Chukwuyem was actively involved and coordinated the agitations for seccesion by the group known as the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) in Delta and some other Eastern states of the country, which led to violent clashes with armed security personnel, leaving death and chaos in their wake.

In the words of the Police Public Relations Officer, “we are all out and leaving no stone unturned to ensure that Chukwuyem Eric and other of his collaborators are apprehended and made to face the full wrath of the law.”

He enjoined the general public to come forward with any useful information/tip-off that may lead to the arrest of Chukwuyem and his cohorts.

He finally charged the youths of Abavo and all other aggrieved party to shun violence and be law abiding in order to forestall future clashes and uprisings in the community.

In a bid to balance the report, one of the youths of Abavo, who pleaded anonymity was interviewed by one of our reporters and he gave a rather contrary version of the entire saga.

He stated that the issue started in 2014 when the youths and people of Abavo Kingdom rose against the Abavo Monarch HRM Uche Irenuma II mandating him to abdicate the throne due to his renowned cruelty and illegitimate rise to the ancient throne of Abavo Kingdom.

“As an outspoken youth leader, Chukwuyem Eric was at the forefront of the struggle to force the monarch to relinquish power due to his draconian tendencies and majorly for the fact that he ascended the throne illegitimately.

A lot of people lost their lives with their properties destroyed as the estranged monarch left nothing to chance in ensuring that the clung on to power.

However, at that time, the 2015 general elections was close at hand, and as such, politicians and prominent sons and daughters of Abavo tried to broker peace between us and the Obi (Monarch) in order for us (Abavo) to work in one accord to deliver the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP and present governor of Delta State, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa. We sheathed our swords and worked assiduously to deliver Dr. Okowa and were promised to be rewarded handsomely for our role upon his emergence to power.

But upon assumption of office, nothing was done to empower the youths of Abavo. Some of us as a result of this, were willing tools to be used by the IPOB agitators which was masterminded by politicians and interest groups. Many of us lost our lives as the military were very ruthless in quashing our secessionist agitation.

“As a result of this, Chukwuyem Eric our P.R.O rose up and demanded that these politicians give to us all that was promised, else he would go public with their involvement in the entire crisis. They fought back and used the state apparatus to trump up false allegations on him, sent hired assassin (thugs) after him and consequently an arrest warrant was issued on him for disruption of public peace, electoral rigging and secessionist agitations,” he said.

It was also gathered that a man hunt was put upon Mr. Chukwuyem, as a result of which he fled Abavo Kingdom in December 2015 and has since not been seen or heard from.